Programming Journey from Kathmandu, Nepal to Europe
Author:Raben Shrestha

After completing a Bachelor degree in Information Technology from a reputed College, I received the University knowledge and basic technical information but professionally did not get a proper guide for a strong career. During my research for professional-level training for the best solution in career, fortunately, I had a chance to meet Dixanta sir. Under his guidance, I learned software engineering. The new journey starts, thereafter. I was a core PHP developer before I met Dixanta sir. During that time, I was struggling for a framework, hardly using the design principles. Then, I enrolled in the and learned from him.

  Consequently, I came to Prague for further study. The new place and people with completely alien language when they speak. it was a difficult four months of struggling and surviving part of my life in here. Spending time for study and managing expenses to sustain life and need to get the job for supporting. I had applied for 100s of jobs applications. Sometimes when I received the call, I did not understand what they were speaking. Sometimes only for a full-timer. I also got lots of rejection emails. Eventually, without stop applying after four months I got a job starting as a WordPress developer in Since that day, it has been easy to get a place to work and an opportunity to work in different fields. I have also worked as an Android developer in Axfone, performing data analysis on used water, electricity, and gas [depends on weather temperature] in enerfis .cz using Go scripting with Excel for three months. Moreover, I also acquired experience as a Jr. Web Developer in Clean Up Cloud Company in Netty Framework of PHP for eight months. Netty is used only in the entire Czech Republic and so much popular and demanded framework here. But unfortunately, it is too hard to work in Netty due to language deficiency of documentation. Later, I had a very good opportunity to learn and work in the multinational company SAP Concur as an intern. Since SAP Concur is the number one travel expenses software company in the entire world, I have been working there for more than a year now in DevOps (using Automation, Scripting, Docker, Elastic Search, Kibana, New Relic, Ansible, Jenkins, AWS and so forth) also a Full Stack Developer (using Python and React). I am the only individual in my team who is working both DevOps and Full Stack concurrently. Additionally, I am the only Nepali in the entire Prague branch now.  

Unknowingly, from Nepal to till presently here, I am continuously learning new technologies. It is always handy and worthy wherever we go if we have whatever skills in IT field even if someone is SEO expert or doing programming or excel or web designing or developing or software engineer, those are all handy for career advancement as well as sustainable life. I had never expected I will get the job in WordPress. Learning is interesting if we know the proper process of attaining knowledge which I always give my credits to Dixanta sir, even this day, I can use the Data Science, Feature Engineering, EDA, Machine Learning and Neural Network using TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, Matplot library, seaborn, NumPy, and Pandas. As Dixanta sir always quoted, the difference between the Contractor and the Engineer. The answer he has provided and demonstrated during the entire span of teaching where I obtained the procedure of learning.

Well, work is crucial as well as the university also. University introduces and provides all the necessary tools, method and basic ideas in the practical field. I got the very good opportunity to get the job in Data analysis during I was learning in University of the Data warehouse, Data mining, Data analysis and university projects using SAS, Excel, and GRETL in time series analysis like ARIMA, trend, forecasting and prognosis. Since the more we are familiar with the new trend and technologies the more we will be demanding in the market and progressively change our living style and add value to our life.
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